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English Holiday Guide - Guide to find the English Holiday you require
English Holiday Guide - Guide to find the English Holiday you require
Inland Waterways Assoc.

In the eighty or so years up to 1850, a generation of engineering visionaries designed and built some 4,000 miles of canals. Together with improvements to river navigations, they created the first countrywide transport network capable of carrying vast quantities of freight. It provided the life-blood without which the Industrial Revolution could not have taken place; many thousands of horse-drawn boats carried coal and raw materials to the new manufacturing centres and brought out the products they made, farm produce was taken by water right into the heart of major towns and cities.
Then came the railways, which could carry even larger loads - and do it faster. The ‘canal mania’ years were ended, traffic on the waterways dwindled, navigation channels fell into disuse, boats and locks were left to rot, structures suffered neglect and started to crumble.
By World War II, freight carrying on all but a few waterways was ending, pleasure boating on canals was almost unheard of, nobody visited them, nobody cared.

That the canals might benefit future generations began to be recognised and in 1946 The Inland Waterways Association was formed to fight for the canals to be saved and revitalised. Years of effort by IWA, with its relentless campaigning to change polices and attitudes, prevented The Llangollen Canal, The Southern Oxford, The Leeds & Liverpool (and many others) from being abandoned and forgotten. Massive fund raising and volunteer work parties helped to restore and re-open waterways like the Southern Stratford Canal and River Avon Navigations. The popularity, accessibility and condition of our waterways as we know them today, is testimony to all that The Inland Waterways Association has achieved so far. But opportunities and threats remain ever present, much still has to be done. The IWA depends on the ongoing support of everyone who cares about our waterways heritage.

The Inland Waterways Association campaigns for all of us through lobbying Government, Local Council and the Navigation Authorities, consultation, giving advice, organising and providing manpower for projects, fund raising and giving financial aid.
Today the IWA is hard at work ensuring that existing waterways and their surroundings are conserved and maintained in the best possible condition and developed sensibly to suit future needs; we encourage the carriage of freight on suitable waterways.
With the help from the Inland Waterways Association, many more miles of long/derelict canals are now being brought back to life. To do so provides employment and wide-ranging leisure facilities ... but politicians and planners have to be persuaded ... the huge cost of restoration and future maintenance has to be secured and ever present are the threats to old canal routes from the conflicting needs for highway and building development.
Grants from the Government, National Lottery and other sources, have been pledged to many waterways restoration projects - including the Kennet & Avon, Rochdale and Huddersfield Narrow Canals and the Anderton Boat Lift. Every single one of these was assisted by Inland Waterways Association with further financial aid and the efforts of volunteer workers (including IWA’s branch members and Waterway Recovery Group) to provide resources and demonstrate what could be done.

As a registered charitThe Inland Waterways Association y relies on the generosity of its members and supporters for its income. IWA is completely independent and impartial in its dealings with the authorities and its campaigning for a secure future for the inland waterways on behalf of all users.

Your membership support would add enormously to the weight to IWA's ongoing campaign and enable more waterway restoration and improvements to be completed. And, through the thirty-six IWA local branches, there are endless opportunities to get involved in restoration work, local waterways issues, events and much more.

Membership offers;

  • IWA's ' Waterways' magazine, four times a year.

  • Regular information (magazines and newsletters) from your local IWA branch.

  • Lectures, events and social get-togethers throughout the country.

  • Comprehensive range of waterways books, maps, guides, videos and useful merchandise available by mail order.

  • Opportunities for practical waterway restoration work.

  • Please feel free to contact IWA using the methods below or click here to visit our website.

    Head Office,
    The Inland Waterways Association,
    PO Box 114
    WD3 1ZY
    Tel: 01923 711114
    Fax: 01923 897000

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